The Times Clean Air Campaign

Design and production of a supporting video for The Times newspaper and the UK Parliament All-Party Parliamentary Groups ‘APPG’ campaign on Air Pollution.

Having fun with a brand

Having fun with a brand through social media can be a fantastic way to engage with your audience and create a positive brand image. Here are some ways to inject fun into your brand’s social media presence

Give someone the gift of life

The importance of giving blood has always been known to me, but since joining a Pharma and Healthcare Communications Agency it has become more apparent to the reasons why…

Special Effects #2

More of that self-learning being made a little easier due to the global pandemic, so once again I’m opening Adobe After Effects again…A couple more projects with the children and the world of special effects using Adobe After Effects. This time I decided to try some...

Special Effects #1

A bit of self-learning never did anybody any harm, although at times a busy working/family life can get in the way. Bizarrely, a global pandemic has made my self-learning of Adobe After Effects a little easier.What a mental year this has been so far! As the first...

Integrated Design

Andrew Parson is an experienced integrated designer across a variety of industries. With skills that overlap both design for print and digital design.

Graphic Design

With over 20 years experienced in graphic design, Andrew has developed and brought together his skills across all aspects of the industry, from professional artworking and design for print, to design for screen through website design and video development.

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