Personal Branding

A self promotional project making a connection to my personality traits, skills as a graphic designer and create reference to my former experience as an infantry soldier.

Project Details

Client: Self Initiated Project Skills: Concept Development, Branding, Typography, Packaging, Website Design

Project Description

The main strategy behind the design rationale of my self promotional pack was to make a connection to my personality traits, skills as a graphic designer and create reference to my former experience as an infantry soldier. The main target audience would be design agencies looking to recruit a disciplined and dedicated graphic designer to join a team within their design firm. Great consideration was taken when selecting the materials within the pack. With a focus on utilising readily available cards and papers to generate an effective solution at a relativity low budget. The concept had to be easy to produce at home, making use of desktop printers and the equipment available to me. The elements that had to be sourced and purchased had been considered as part of the initial concept idea, to make an effective and successful connection to the military, but again remain at a low cost. To reinforce the military connection I have used word play to make an additional reference, by substituting titles and sections with appropriate alternatives that contain military connotations. The logo identity makes use of my previously designed typeface from an earlier project. During the development into exploring the single chevron from my military rank of Lance Corporal, it occurred to me that the typeface provided a unique structure that allowed the overlapping of my initials (AP) which then revealed the chevron as a third element. It also provided a strong basis to utilise the recognisable colour pallet of the British issue camouflage. This created the overlap, tonal effect which also inspired me to generate my own isometric camouflage pattern from the original typeface grid development.
The outer box makes reference from the markings found on the British issue ration pack, with the message ‘Design Use Only’ substituting the ‘M.O.D Use Only’ message. The logo identity appears on the side of the box to make a connection to the circular marking of a range card that is usually found on a ration pack box.
Word play has been used for the labels on each item typically issued within a ration pack. The dog tag business card is also presented as an initial form of contact.
A cover letter has been placed within an envelope on the inside lid of the box. The  words ‘Message Over’ are in reference to the military radio voice procedures. These words literally mean “I have a message I’m sending over to you”.
The logo identity also appears on the item labels to reinforce the branding. The dog tag stylised business card utilises the information usually found on an issued ID tag, such as name, blood group, military  number. But these have been substituted for my contact details, with an additional word play towards the blood group reference of ‘Design Positive’.
The CV ‘Service Record’ and Portfolio ‘Armoury’ elements are encased within the issued folding cooker. These pieces have been designed with a military service record bound folder in mind.

Project Development

Document detailing some of the research and development behind the projects design rationale…

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