Type Case

Type case is a symbolic ceremonial gesture towards the potential pitfalls and historical honour that surrounds the professional standards of typography.

Project Details

Client: The International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)
Skills: Type Design, Typography

Iso Gridletter: This two dimensional isometric typeface I designed acts as a futuristic display font, paying homage to the Gutenberg Blackletter Gothic typeface that revolutionised the movable type movement.

Project Description

The overall concept of the design is one of a symbolic ceremonial gesture towards the potential pitfalls and historical honour that surrounds the professional standards of typography. It was my intention to produce a thoughtful and intellectual piece that would express the subtle meanings from the manifesto.

Whilst my manifesto is a personal opinion, it was necessary to portray the justification of my thinking. It was for this reason that I needed to explore the development of typography and what it means to those who both practice and appreciate it. However, from my own experience surrounding developments throughout other similar industries, and the changes that have ensued, it was my intention to highlight the potential attack on the profession of typography, with a sense of impending doom. By making the viewer aware of this potential war, the piece has also been designed to provide an opportunity of choice. To either sacrifice the values and traditions, or to make a stand and fight to champion the standards of typography.

These multifaceted symbolic gestures are presented within a ‘Pandora’s box’ that the viewer can only open out of intrigue to fully understand. This is also symbolic of the opening up of typography to the masses from the manifesto. I have also provided a subtle hint from the way the subject of ‘Typography’ is nailed into the lid, by it’s suggestion towards the manifestos warning of… ‘hammer the final nail in the typographic coffin’.

Once inside the viewer is presented with the manifesto along with various other elements. These have all been linked together through the symbolic act of folding a flag to honour the fallen. This gesture is a mark of respect, but also provides the basis for the grid structure and it’s evolution for the other grid elements used. From the box coffin shape to the typeface designed for the project, this grid based structure is not only utilised within the print, it is also presented in it’s own unique way. This is achieved by turning the box into a traditional type case containing it’s own upper and lowercase movable type blocks from the designed typeface.

The printed element then unfolds to suggest both paths of the manifestos message. But requires the decoding film to fully understand the meaning of choice and the passing of responsibility to the next typographers. This is then reinforced through the words of the manifesto and it’s battle cry of raising the standard whilst we move into the next evolutionary phase. The standard is also provided in the form of the flag. A flag, or standard of typography that can either be left folded in honour, or raised in celebration as a motivation to keep going.

Manifesto Poster

Project Development

Document detailing some of the research and development behind the projects design rationale…

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