More of that self-learning being made a little easier due to the global pandemic, so once again I’m opening Adobe After Effects again…

A couple more projects with the children and the world of special effects using Adobe After Effects. This time I decided to try some more challenging effects that are more involved and complex given the motion and camera footage.

Floor is Lava

1: A visit to the park usually results in me shouting out “The floor is lava, in 5…4…3” at some point, so this time I captured the footage and then added the effect. Again utilising the ‘Track Camera’ function and creating a surface plane using the track points, I was able to map out the area and mask elements to make a more convincing scene.

Living on the Edge

2: I captured the children innocently climbing along a fence line, so decided to use this footage and make the scene more dramatic. This was achieved by mapping the plane through a motion camera track and placing an image of a canyon within the correct perspective to create the illusion of their daredevil antics.

Special effects projects

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